Oral Medicine

Your mouth is a major entry point to the rest of your body. And good health is not just a matter of what you put in your mouth, but how you care for what’s already in there. Taking good care of your teeth and gums can actually help you live longer. Several conditions can be worsened by poor oral health.

Oral Health and Diabetes

There is a strong relationship between diabetes and periodontitis. Inflammation that starts in the mouth seems to weaken the body’s ability to control blood sugar. This inflammation impairs the body’s ability to utilize insulin.

Oral Health and Heart Disease

Up to 91% of patients with heart disease have periodontitis, compared to 66% of people with no heart disease. Some suspect that periodontitis has a direct role in raising the risk of heart disease as well. Inflammation in the mouth causes inflammation in the blood vessels, which might allow less blood to travel between the heart and the rest of the body, raising blood pressure.

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Infection and inflammation have been correlated with a fetus’ development in the womb. We recommend scheduling a comprehensive periodontal exam if you’re pregnant or before you become pregnant to determine whether you have any level of risk.

Oral Health and Smoking

According to the CDC, a smoker’s risk of severe gum disease is three times higher than someone who does not smoke. Nicotine in cigarettes causes blood vessels to constrict. This interferes with your gums’ ability to fight infection. Not smoking is one of the most important things you can do for your mouth and your body.